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Before Treatments

I was in great pain, getting up in the morning was so hard for me. I was always in pain and couldn't even pick up my baby. One day someone had told me about Dr. Patel and how amazing  she as a doctore so I gave her office a call! I honestly I thought for the longest time drugs and surgery were my only solution.

After Treatment

A few weeks of chiropractic treatments and I can honestly say I can run now and feel great in the morning thanks to her. Thank you Dr Patel. I think your the best!

A. Jenkins

Before Treatments

I was constantly in pain! I had problems sleeping, sitting, standing, and walking. I could not participate in many activities that always gave me so much pleasure. I could not exercise, dance, ski, or enjoy relations with my lover.  My back pain was just unbearble. My work suffered as well and I was put under multiple forms of physical and mental stress. My personal and work lives were a mess.

After Treatments

Wonderful! I received a promotion at work and am able to complete all my tasks. I have returned to all my former activities and have enjoyed new ones as well. I come in to see Dr. Patel monthly as part of a maintainence program. I haven't had a bad day in six months! I had given up hope until I was treated by Dr. Patel. I am so happy and enjoy life once again.

Beth Garcia

Before Treatments

As a tall female (5'10"), I have been experiencing lower back pain for quite a long time. On top of that, playing almost ten years of soccer and softball as well as running Cross Country in high school seemed to make the problem worse. No matter what stretches I did or how often I did them, nothing seemed to help.

After Treatments

While my own home remedies seemed to fail me, seeing Dr. Patel has done wonders.  No matter the amount of pain I'm in, Dr. Patel relieves it without fail each visit. She also has the most uplifting spirit and is more than willing to help in any aspect you may need her. Thank you so much Dr. Patel. You're a life saver!

Sydney Douglas

Before Treatments

Both my mother and I were involved in a car accident. The condition in which we started Dr. Patel's treament was painful at best. When we came to be examined, the doctor noticed other stresses in our bodies apart from the afflictions from the accident. Both my mother and I had constant neck and back problems. This pain persisted to where both of us felt pain late into the twilight hours. Then we stepped into the North Orange County Chiropractic and Welness Center and realized it was the right choice!

After Treatments

For lack of a better word, Dr. Patel "fixed" us. But I would like to focus more on the learning environment and the hospitality at this chiropractic office. Dr. Patel was very informative regarding our specific ailments, and me being an anatomy student, I was very appreciative of that.  She was extremely outgoing and made us feel right at home in her office. She emphasized that a stress from the body should be cured both externally and internally. I greatly enjoyed her treatment and am eternally grateful! (P.S. So is my mother!)

Vincent La

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